Non-Taxable Individuals Exempt from Income Tax Declaration – FormTD1 2022

Fairfax would like to inform you that The Council of Ministers have announced a new ministerial decree (No.373/2022), that individuals whose gross annual income is below €19,500 are exempt from submitting a personal income tax declaration for the tax year 2022 (Form TD1).

As a reminder, in August 2020 the House of Representatives amended the Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law making it mandatory for all taxpayers to submit tax returns irrespective of their income level.

All other individuals whose taxable income is above the threshold should prepared and submit electronically their personal income tax return within the given deadline that is set by the Tax Department every year.

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Extension of the Deadline for Submission of Individuals’ Income Tax Return 2021

On the 29th July, the Ministry of Finance issued a Decree (315/2022) which was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Decree provides an extension of the deadline for the electronic submission of the following physical persons:

  • Employees
  • Pensioners
  • Self-Employed without Statutory Account

The new deadline for submission is now the 31st August 2022 .

The deadline for the payment of the related tax via self-assessment has been extended to the same date.

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Income Tax Declaration for the year 2021

How do I submit my Income Tax Declaration? When am I able to submit the declaration? Are there any reasons I could be exempt from submitting income tax declarations? Read below information provided by the Fairfax team to understand how and why you should submit your income tax declaration.

Taxisnet Portal

The Taxisnet portal by  Republic of Cyprus’ Ministry of Finance Tax Department is an online service which enables you to submit your Income Tax Declaration.  The portal is in both Greek and English and can be accessed here

When can I Submit the declaration?

The Fairfax team would like to announce that the Income Tax Declaration for individuals for the tax year 2021, is now available on the Taxisnet System and the deadline will be the 31st of July 2022.

Who needs to complete the submission?

According to Circular 51/2022 any individual with any income above €19500 is obliged to submit personal income tax return.  We would like to remind you that The Council of Ministers have issued a decree (No.51/2022) on the 4th of February 2022, that individuals whose gross annual income is below €19,500 are exempt from  the obligation to submit a personal income tax declaration for the tax year 2021.

In the event that your gross annual income is above €19,500 the expert team at Fairfax is available to assist with the submission process or any other tax issues you may have on  or by calling +357 25558025

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Registration of New employees on “ERGANI” platform

As an Employer do I have to register a new employee on “Ergani”?

The team at Fairfax would like to inform you that the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance announced that from the 28th of January 2022; the employment of all new employees should be declared on the new “ERGANI” platform, even after they have exceeded their submission date of declaration through “ERGANI”.

When does an employer have to submit the details of a new hire on “Ergani”?

More specifically, based on the regulation R.A.A. 167/2017, every employer has the obligation to submit new hires online through “ERGANI” at least one day before the start date, this can be done up until 23.59p.m (local time) on the date before their employment commences.  The submissions are only considered and referred to as “on-time” submissions if done in the timeframe as mentioned above.

What do I do as an employer if I did not submit the details of a new hire “On-time”?

From the 28th of January 2022 and onwards, every employer is required to submit the new employee registrations on-line through “ERGANI”.  If the registration has exceeded the submission date (day prior to the employee starting) the submissions must still be carried out as promptly as possible and will be referred to by the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance as “expired” submissions.

Although submissions are accepted after the submission deadline and what is defined as “on-time” the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance  and the team and Fairfax highlight that it is employers obligation to make these submissions on time and we encourage all employers to do so based on the regulation R.A.A. 167/2017.

Will there be a penalty if an employer submits an employee registration that is considered an expired submission?

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance clarify that when submitting “expired” registrations, overdue liabilities might occur.  This liabilities will have to be paid immediately at the Social Insurance offices along with the completed and signed Earnings and Contributions Statement to show that all the individual monthly employee’s salaries are being paid.

Can an employer back date a registration?

Employers have the ability to process registrations via ‘Ergani’ up to 6 years back.

The Fairfax Service

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The Online application for sickness benefit in Cyprus

Fairfax announcing the new portal to submit an application for Sickness Benefit

The Fairfax team would like to inform their clients and associates The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance in Cyprus have publicised that from the 7th of February 2022 to apply for the sickness benefit you are now able to submit this application online through the website

How to submit the sickness benefit application?

In order to submit the online application for sickness benefit, it is necessary for the insured individuals to first create and activate an online profile on the electronic platform Cy-Login (Ariadni).   Once this is created and activated insured individuals can then proceed to complete and submit the application online.

From when can you still submit a paper application for the sickness benefit?

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance in Cyprus have emphasized the fact that the possibility of submitting an application in printed form will remain valid only for the next week (until 20th February 2022).   After this period the application for sickness benefit will be possible only through the online process as highlighted above.

You can find the official government announcement here (currently only available in the Greek language):

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