International Contractor Payroll

Fairfax offers payroll services for international contractors and freelance professionals, offering a wide and varied range of fully compliant payroll solutions.

Fairfax is part of the GRS Group company a specialist payroll and accountancy provider with over 20 years’ experience, we offer contractors and agencies a wealth of advice along with fully compliant and robust payroll solutions meeting every individual's specific needs.

We understand each contractor has different circumstances and requirements and the prospect of arranging payroll can be rather complex, our aim is to offer you the best payroll scheme suited to your specific individual needs and ensure you are fully compliant. We appreciate you trust us to tend to your payroll so be assured we will always have your best interests in mind, therefore you will be assigned a personal payroll executive who will ensure everything is handled in a confidential and secure manner, help with any queries and review our processes regularly to guarantee you remain compliant within the country you work in.

We will work alongside your organisation to provide solutions including:
    • Timesheet & invoicing – we will invoice your agency / assigned company within one working day upon receipt of invoice
    • Receive funds from agency / assigned company
    • Clear and comprehensive payroll calculations to ensure you remain compliant within the country you work in
    • Pay funds upon your instructions within two days of receipt of funds
    • Pay funds upon your instructions within two days of receipt of funds
    • Full compliance with local tax and employment legislation
    • Offer local accountant dependent on country
    • Arrange personal indemnity insurance
    • Excellent customer service through a dedicated payroll executive

Fairfax eliminate the stresses of working abroad, we will handle your local registration requirements and manage all accounting including invoicing, payroll, expenses & deduction and payment of relevant taxes.

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