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Eirini Mantzavela completes her HRM Diploma!

We would like to happily announce that Eirini Mantzavela has completed her diploma in Human Resources Management at the Adonis Academy in Cyprus. Eirini is an asset to our organization and has grown to be a very important part of our team helping achieve our goals.

At Fairfax we are strong believers in constant learning and the importance of it. We strive on development and encourage it as much as possible amongst our staff. This helps us remain the most trusted outsourced partner for payroll and provident fund services, accounting services, HR services and international payroll in Cyprus. Companies and individuals choose us because of our combined years of experience and knowledge in the industry keep our reputation as top-of-the-line service providers.

When selecting a reputable company to help your organization with payroll and HR services for example, it’s important to pin-point organisations that make it evident that they invest in their staff members. By investing in their staff members, they are indirectly also investing in the goals of their clients because the more educated the teams are, the better the outcome of the partnership hence the better the results.

At Fairfax , we invest in our staff to ensure they are up to date with all new trends in the industry and provide the correct training to build fruitful experience when offering our services to others. It is important to us to offer all our services at the highest standards which is why we are so proud of Eirini for making the decision of completing her human resources management diploma!