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Leading international recruitment agency, GRS Recruitment, works closely with its Cyprus-based group company, Fairfax, to provide a unique service of employing and outsourcing personnel to companies that do not yet have a registered Cyprus entity, or to those that do not intend to register a company in Cyprus but need to have personnel operating in Cyprus.

Companies can quickly hire individuals to commence their services in Cyprus, whether the company intends to establish a physical presence in Cyprus or not. GRS can also identify the local recruit for your company or engage your own identified person under a GRS employment contract (under the Temporary Worker Act) and is the only agency in Cyprus that is licensed to do this since being issued with the license back in September 2014.

Once an employee has been selected, GRS then registers the individual to the social insurance and tax authorities, while the individual’s employment liability is also held with GRS, thus eliminating unnecessary headaches for the employer. From here, the team at Fairfax deal with all payroll and statutory deductions for the candidate.

GRS and Fairfax are highly established firms with a strong presence in Cyprus. In addition to employing and outsourcing personnel to companies, they also provide high quality, cost-effective payroll services to their international clientele. Together, the two companies facilitate the hiring of new employees and the payroll of such employees for many start-up companies, ensuring that new companies quickly obtain full payroll capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house hiring.

Fairfax – Cyprus’ Leading Payroll Specialists

Fairfax are specialists in the outsourcing of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and immigration services. The company is headed by Director of Accounts & Payroll, Nicoletta Demetriou, FCCA & CPA, who specialises in the complexities of payroll and possesses more than 15 years’ experience in running payroll and accounting services for local and international businesses with a presence in Cyprus.

Nicoletta, a member of the Cyprus Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Fellow Member of the ACCA, is an expert in monthly payroll preparation and works persistently hard to ensure the needs of her clients are professionally, accurately and appropriately met with.

Nicoletta and her team work quickly and efficiently to ensure that all aspects of payroll services for a business are up-to-date, and have the tools and expertise in place to take on a range of important payroll-related tasks that are typically time-consuming when performed in-house.

Over the years, Nicoletta and her team have worked with a variety of clients from fresh start-ups to internationally recognised organisations, including global companies. The team at Fairfax are always on hand to assist any company in establishing their personnel from day one and possess an in-depth knowledge of compliance, government and employment regulations, ensuring you are up-to-date with any complex changes in legislation or Employment law.

By outsourcing your personnel and payroll requirements to GRS and Fairfax, you can rest assured that all of your required functions will be quickly, securely and accurately completed. This will save you both time and money in the long-run, thus freeing up precious time to concentrate on the important value-added and revenue-generating activities that make your business flourish.

If you would like to learn more about the above services please contact us on 357 25342720 or email