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Learn more about the process of obtaining a Cyprus work permit through GRS’ group company, Fairfax.

Cyprus is a highly popular location for emigration. Thousands of people a year relocate to the island with the intention of living and working here. With low tax rates, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and year-round sunshine, there are plenty of reasons to consider relocating to Cyprus.

Though the 2013 financial crisis had a negative impact on the country’s economy, there are still plenty of jobs in Cyprus. Recruitment in Cyprus remains high and there is a strong need for skilled individuals, particularly professional services individuals with experience in accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, law and administration. Furthermore, Cyprus’ forex industry is booming with a year on year increase in available job vacancies. In 2014, 27% of job vacancies at GRS were filled in forex while 25% were filled in the professional service sector.

Obtaining a Work Permit in Cyprus with Fairfax 

If you are an EU citizen then there is no need to obtain a visa to work in Cyprus, however you do need to arrange an immigration appointment in order to obtain a Certificate of Registration of Union Citizen and EU Citizen (also known as a Yellow slip). This will enable you to register in the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

If you are a non-EU citizen then you will need to obtain a work permit and visa to prove eligibility to live and work here.

The process of obtaining a Cyprus work permit can be relatively tricky, but by attaining the assistance of a specialist company, such as GRS’ Group Company, Fairfax, the entire procedure will be far quicker, easier and more straightforward.

Headed by Nicoletta Demetriou, the team at Fairfax has many years of experience in dealing with a wealth of immigration requirements, including the obtainment of Yellow slips, resident permits, work permit applications and Cyprus passports.

Fairfax offers the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions to ensure you obtain your permit smoothly and with minimal complications, and will assist you throughout the entire process.

With Fairfax all needed documentation will be collated and completed, including the relevant application forms. Other accompanied documentation required, including a clean criminal record certificate, a medical certificate, a bank letter of guarantee, a passport copy and a signed contract of employment can be collected with the assistance of Fairfax.