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Nicoletta Demetriou, Director of Accounts and Payroll at Fairfax, is ambitious, determined and hardworking. Fluent in both Greek and English, she has worked resolutely to expand her career in accounting and payroll on both a local and international scale and now holds the role of Director of Accounts & Payroll at Fairfax, which focuses on outsourcing of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and immigration services. Heading a strong team, she works persistently hard to achieve her goals and satisfy the needs of each of her clients in a professional, efficient and flexible manner.

About Nicoletta

Nicoletta graduated from Kingston University, London, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. Here, she acquired the skills and knowledge that shaped the foundations of her career.

After graduating from university she landed her first professional job role at the prestigious firm, PWC Cyprus, where she built her way up to Manager in Global Compliance Services.

During this time Nicoletta also focused her efforts on increasing her influence and expertise in the industry, and soon became a member of the Cyprus Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Fellow of the ACCA.

At PWC Nicoletta increased her knowledge of the industry and gained an exceptional level of experience in bookkeeping, preparation and reviewing of VAT calculations and monthly management reports. Within this role she became an expert in monthly payroll preparation where she was responsible for setting up payroll records, preparing individual tax computation and personal income tax returns, amongst many other responsibilities.

Following her role at PWC she then joined GRS Recruitment as Senior Manager of Accounts & Payroll, where she provided payroll services to some of the world’s leading organisations including Hewlett Packard, Oracle and Sony. Today, she holds the esteemed role of Director for GRS’ Group Company, Fairfax.

Nicoletta possesses more than 15 years’ experience in running payroll and accounting services for local and international companies who have a presence in Cyprus. Together with the robust team at Fairfax, she is now responsible for overseeing complex and technical payroll and account processing services. Here, she combines a high level of service with a personal approach and absolute flexibility, ensuring that each and every service is tailored to the individual client’s exact requirements.

Outsourcing Paves the Way to Reduced Costs

Outsourcing payroll, bookkeeping and provident fund services in our turbulent economic environment is the most valuable and cost-effective solution for any business. As a result of the economic setback that swept its way across the globe, countless local and international businesses have turned to outsourcing services as a way to eliminate typical overhead costs associated with hiring in-house employees.

Outsourcing not only possesses financial benefits – it is the perfect way to free up employee’s time, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities. With Nicoletta heading Fairfax’s outsourced services, clients can benefit from a superior quality of service that is proficient, reliable and compliant.

By outsourcing the payroll of your workforce to Fairfax your business will benefit from a reduced portfolio of activities, thus enabling you to focus more closely on significant business functions, leverage outside expertise and of course, reduce overhead costs.

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