Income Tax Declaration for the year 2023

How do I submit my Income Tax Return? When am I able to submit the declaration? Are there any reasons I could be exempt from submitting income tax declarations? Read below information provided by the Fairfax team to understand how and why you should submit your Income Tax Declaration for the year 2023.

Taxisnet Portal

You can submit your Income Tax Declaration electronically through the Taxisnet System. The System is available in both Greek and English and can be accessed here.

When can I Submit the declaration?

The Fairfax team would like to inform you that the Income Tax Return for individuals for the tax year 2023, is now available on the Taxisnet System and the submission deadline and the payment of any due tax is the 31st of July 2024.

Who needs to complete the submission?

According to the Minister Council Decree ΚΔΠ 184/20223, individuals (Employees, Pensioners and Self-employed persons) with any annual income above €19,500 is required to submit personal income tax return.

Delayed Submission or Non-submission

Late submission of return will result to a penalty of €100.

As always, the Fairfax team is available to assist with the submission process or any other tax issues you may have on or by calling +357 25558025.